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The Doughpamine Tasting Menu 4 pack

The Doughpamine Tasting Menu 4 pack

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Four delicious flavors, six cookies per bag, for a total of 24 gourmet cookies.

🎁 Gift-giving just got a whole lot sweeter! Whether it's Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, a birthday bash, a thoughtful hostess gift, or simply a pick-me-up, our Doughpamine 4-pack has you covered! 🍪

With four mouthwatering flavors of frozen cookie dough, this delightful treat is perfect for spreading joy on any occasion. And guess what? It's not just for personal gifting - our Doughpamine 4-pack is also an excellent choice for corporate gifts! 🌟

So why stress about what to give when you can spread smiles with our delicious cookie dough? Grab a pack today and make gift-giving a piece of cake... er, cookie! 🎉

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