Nothing beats warm, gooey cookies fresh from the oven. Doughpamine makes it easy to have gourmet cookies in chef-inspired flavors from the convenience of your kitchen. Bake one at a time, or bake a whole pan!

Rhapsody Road

Chewy, gooey marshmallow studded, dark cocoa, and almond cookies with crispy milk chocolate sprinkles mixed in. Rocky Road just wasn't an accurate name for this joy-inducing goodie. Rhapsody, on the other hand, was a perfect depiction! The ingredients may read like a sweet aimed at kids, but even sophisticated palates can agree that it's a decadence for everyone. You'll be glad these irresistible cookies come in a six-pack because it's hard to have just one.

Miso Peanut Butter

Peanut butter cookies spiked with miso for a salty, sweet, and unami-rich twist. In 2012, Jessica joined Morimoto Napa as Executive Pastry Chef, and her miso peanut butter cookies were a smash hit! They frequently sold out before the night's end, and Chef Morimoto even allowed her to put her own sweets counter in the front of the restaurant for guests with a sweet tooth who wanted to take out. One of her most elaborate dessert arrangements involved a grapevine turned into a "lollipop tree" with bite-sized treats, including a mini miso peanut butter cookie, along with shiso gummies, matcha moss, and an assortment of chocolate bon-bons and truffles.

Salty Chocolate Chunk

A classic turned decadent with thick chunks of velvety Valhrona milk chocolate Tanariva layered with slabs of dark chocolate Manjari. Be a pastry chef by sprinkling the do-it-yourself Maldon Sea Salt flakes on top before baking. The difference between a good chocolate chip cookie and a great one is all about the ingredients and baking it fresh, just like in any Michelin-starred kitchen worldwide. Be sure to savor the notes of caramel in the milk chocolate and the complexity of red fruit in the dark chocolate. One batch and you'll surely be a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur.

Blueberry Corn

Buttery, yellow corn-flavored cookies mixed with blueberries. When you work for famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck, and Jean-Georges, you know the flavor combinations will be classic yet unique. However, instead of relying on a recipe in my repertoire, this was the evolution of attempting to make a blue corn cookie for my friend Clover, which took an unexpected turn when another set of friends made the recipe and added frozen blueberries (too wet!). It was an easy fix with freeze-dried blueberries and an end product filled with sumptuous textures and fun flavors.