Are there "drugs" in your cookies?

Ha- no! My dad does call them my special cookies, but they do not contain CBD, THC, or any form of cannabis. They are special because they are so delicious and contain gourmet ingredients and no added preservatives.

 Does the oven have to be convection? Can I bake in my air fryer?

You can bake them on regular oven settings, air fryers, or toaster ovens. I prefer baking at 375 on convection, but they all work wonderfully.

Are you sure it only needs 11 minutes bake time? 

YES! The chef prefers her cookies "medium rare". A perfect cookie is crispy on the outside and gooey in the middle. That being said, you do you, boo! Add more minutes if you like a well-done cookie, but I wouldn't recommend going below 10 minutes or above 15.

What if my cookies arrive defrosted? 

If your cookies are still cold, bake them off right away, otherwise toss them. Either way, reach out to Jessica@doughpamine.com with a photo and we can ship out a fresh batch.